Walkers Are Welcome
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Wellington has been a Walkers are Welcome logo Walkers are Welcome Walkers are Welcome logo town since 2010.

The Wrekin The Ercall Apley Wood
The Wrekin The Ercall Apley Wood

Walking PartnershipWe are members of the Ramblers Walking Holidays (now RWH Travel) walking partnership see here

Wellington Walkers are Welcome
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About Us

This page has been prepared by Wellington Walkers are Welcome Management Committee. This is an ad hoc group of interested local walkers. We are not a party political organisation; we have supporters of a range of political parties, and none, on our management committee who work effectively together. The inspiration for the group came from a combination of Wellington LA21 group and Wellington Town Council without whose help this would not have been possible.

Wellington Walkers are Welcome Management Committee
contact us or email info@wellingtonwalkersarewelcome.org.uk
Last updated 5th July 2018